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Friday, June 29, 2007

My project is Dead, Dead and DEAD!

Fuck crappy hosting.
My first experience in the strange land of web enterprises (haven't you heard of it? O'Really?

Ok, so here's a pretty short summery of the history of my lil' project:
Boredom and lack of money can do bad things to people, and this one wasn't that bad. The idea was to build a Sex themed Hebrew Wiki. I bought the domain www.sexypedia.co.il (don't try it now, it won't work anyway.. but keep it bookmarked just in case), got some free hosting, installed mediawiki. I had some fun writing several articles, and we even got some traffic.
Several weeks ago, the host died. For a week my site was down, I was in the army.
After a while it got back up again, after sitting on the phone for a while with a friend we managed to fix some more problems. After returning home I simply forgot of it, forgot that I promised myself to save a backup. Stupid.

Well, now it gave up completely, host's site is still up, but the hosted site seems down for good. )

All of this has taught me two things -

1. Don't trust something you get for free. Especially if it's from a small (lame) company.

And what is a lame (hosting) company you ask?

  • A company that last updated its company news more then six months ago.
  • Forums? Page not found.
  • Contact form? Not in firefox.
  • Testimonials? Coming soon.
Yup. They're lame. I should have seen it from the start.. Well, I'm a newbie, sue me.

2. Backup. Often. Very Often.

Yes, I know those are basic rules. But as a total newbie, along with the small time I got at home, I totally ignored them.