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Friday, June 29, 2007

My project is Dead, Dead and DEAD!

Fuck crappy hosting.
My first experience in the strange land of web enterprises (haven't you heard of it? O'Really?

Ok, so here's a pretty short summery of the history of my lil' project:
Boredom and lack of money can do bad things to people, and this one wasn't that bad. The idea was to build a Sex themed Hebrew Wiki. I bought the domain www.sexypedia.co.il (don't try it now, it won't work anyway.. but keep it bookmarked just in case), got some free hosting, installed mediawiki. I had some fun writing several articles, and we even got some traffic.
Several weeks ago, the host died. For a week my site was down, I was in the army.
After a while it got back up again, after sitting on the phone for a while with a friend we managed to fix some more problems. After returning home I simply forgot of it, forgot that I promised myself to save a backup. Stupid.

Well, now it gave up completely, host's site is still up, but the hosted site seems down for good. )

All of this has taught me two things -

1. Don't trust something you get for free. Especially if it's from a small (lame) company.

And what is a lame (hosting) company you ask?

  • A company that last updated its company news more then six months ago.
  • Forums? Page not found.
  • Contact form? Not in firefox.
  • Testimonials? Coming soon.
Yup. They're lame. I should have seen it from the start.. Well, I'm a newbie, sue me.

2. Backup. Often. Very Often.

Yes, I know those are basic rules. But as a total newbie, along with the small time I got at home, I totally ignored them.


Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Emet.. Emet..

...Emet." (emet means true)
I woke up.
"The base is in high alert."
My first thought was - damn, I've only slept so little.
The second was - Oh crap, this is the real deal.

I quickly dressed, put on my helmet and flack jack and put in the magazine (that's the first time I've ever done that unsupervised). Quickly, but not as fast as in the drill. As if I was afraid of what was coming. When I finished dressing up I ran to the command bunker to find that almost everyone were already there.

At first they told us to guard the bunker, but after a while it became clear that we aren't needed there. The girl in charge took us down to the fence, we ran, of course. For once, I felt like I was really in the army. I wasn't really scared by that time, just excited and a little amused too.

Near the fence are many concrete shelters, the girl in charge sent one soldier to each shelter. Meanwhile the NCOs (that's the right term I hope.. ) shot a few flares to try and find the suspect (terrorist?) in the complete darkness around the base. The first one they shot got me by surprise and I almost jumped. I was better prepared for the second.

After a while they called off the search but told everyone to stay alert. I returned to bed but had little sleep till my next watch.

Retrospect: I know it's not much of an exciting story compared to what many combat soldiers have to tell, but compared to what I expected to have when I went to the army, it's quite a lot.

Duh, Another Spaceship

Long Range Interceptor by ~gilburd on deviantART

I Demand Dream Theater in Israel!

Demand them here too.

Please. :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Army Notes #2 - Technology

My watch fell to the floor and something strange happened to it. Every time I press one of it's buttons it would reset itself to 12:00.

I tried every combination of buttons imaginable. I tried hitting it. Out of desperation I dropped it exactly from the same height it fell from in the first place - it worked.

And I thought I understand technology...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Army Notes #1 - First Watch

Twenty minutes into my first watch as a sentry in my base. With a helm, a flack jacket, an m-16 and several magazines of ammo. I'm doing the night watch, one day I get 8 hours (from 6 pm to 10 pm, then four hours of sleep and then again from 2 am to 6 am) and the next day I get 4 hours (from 10pm to 2 am).

Time is passing in an erratic rate, sometimes several minutes pass when I look at the clock, sometimes, much less. I had to take it off after a while - it's too tempting to look at it too often.

An hour. I'm getting bored. I found a new way to keep myself busy. I keep looking for new ways to ration my food so I'll have enough cookies, bagels and juice for half a week's of standing (more like sitting) guard.

Three hours. I'm pretty sleepy. The glow of the monitor (it's showing a feed from a camera) is becoming almost hypnotical. Is it a bad sign?