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Friday, March 09, 2007

So much, yet so little.

It's over, five weeks of tironut. Seems like nothing changed, but now I'm a real sworn soldier in the IDF. So easy, swear on a book, and you're in.

Anyway, these are some of my tironut experiences:

I met interesting people - going out of the bubble that is Ofakim, and the Kibutz high school i went to, is pretty rough, but I do my best.

I did some interesting things -
Weapons training.
A 17 hour shift in the kitchens.
Opening four badly plugged toilets.
And much much more.

I saw some interesting stuff -
One day we had a circular halo around the sun almost all day long.
Another day, our morning Qassam left a nice trail showing its exact path, all the way to the power plant. (It didn't hit anything, as usual)
I met a nice Black Widow spider near our tent.

Fun times!
Cya all!