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Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm back for a while..

The computer seemed so weird. Such a weird device. I haven't seen one for a week.

I feel like so much has changed. Like I've been there for decades, in that strange land, beyond the laws of physics and reason - called tironut.

Zikim, Zikim, so close to Gaza, so close to home.. The only structure that we see from our base is the power plant in Ashkelon.. I never thought a power plant could be so comforting. But it's one of the only thing that reminds us that the real world still exists. (Apart from actually going there - like now)
This, and the rifle. A pretty old M-16.. We have to carry it with us everywhere - leaving it only for a minute can result in severe punishment - staying at the base for the weekend. It's weird how attached can one get to a weapons that's meant to kill. Especially when you share your bed with it - you put it under the mattress, under your head, like a pillow.

I'll post more of that later.. After I'll rest a bit.

I also found this interesting video while looking through my feeds: