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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blogging from the army

army is more boring then i thought.. go there, stand here, and little
exercise. i didn't get any fitter.. nor did i lose any weight.. the
food mostly sucks, but people have lots of chocolate so it compensates
for the loss.
The best thing here is weapon training.. fun and cool.
amm i'm out. enjoy your freedom.

[Some minor edits on the 09/03/07, spell check and stuff]

Friday, February 09, 2007

Goodbye desktop email!

Finally Google enabled the "Get mail from another account" feature.. and finally I can return to using my old spam ridden email address that I got from my ISP almost 6 years ago..
Right now it's fetching all the unread mail in the box, probably thousands of those - It's pretty slow - only 5 or so new mails every time I refresh. But it's good enough.

So pretty -

So, is this another step towards to Google OS? I think so.. making it less a mailbox and more of a desktop replacement is a big step in my mind - especially due to Google's superior spam filters (the power of the masses pressing the "Mark as spam", along with Google's algorithms).

Nice one Google, I've been waiting since I first heard about it.

Sasyl out.


I'm back for a while..

The computer seemed so weird. Such a weird device. I haven't seen one for a week.

I feel like so much has changed. Like I've been there for decades, in that strange land, beyond the laws of physics and reason - called tironut.

Zikim, Zikim, so close to Gaza, so close to home.. The only structure that we see from our base is the power plant in Ashkelon.. I never thought a power plant could be so comforting. But it's one of the only thing that reminds us that the real world still exists. (Apart from actually going there - like now)
This, and the rifle. A pretty old M-16.. We have to carry it with us everywhere - leaving it only for a minute can result in severe punishment - staying at the base for the weekend. It's weird how attached can one get to a weapons that's meant to kill. Especially when you share your bed with it - you put it under the mattress, under your head, like a pillow.

I'll post more of that later.. After I'll rest a bit.

I also found this interesting video while looking through my feeds:

Saturday, February 03, 2007


That's it.
I'm going to the army.
I had my hair cut today, and learned a lesson: Don't trust people who cut their dog's hair and it's their second time doing people. I look like a dead hedgehog and feel like it too.
But mostly numb, numb with fear I guess.

Apart from preparing bag, I figured out how to connect to messenger from my cell, post pictures on flickr and post blogs. So as long as I have enough battery and time I'll be able to satisfy my addictions... Probably not.

Bleh. I just don't want to fall asleep.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Less then six months passed since the end of the last school year, and only now I started talking to several old friends.
And some really weird shit came up -

One girl is now married and has a child already, that means that she was already pregnant by the end of school. I don't know why this freaks me out so much - she's a kavkazian and it's pretty common for them to be married at an even younger age. But still, living the sheltered life in my kibbutz school really softened me to such things.

Another weird thing is that one of my pretty good friends (of course I also haven't talked to him for a long while now) declared that he's gay. I guess that's even weirder. I never expected him to be gay, I'm not homophobic or something, but that's just weird.

Sasyl, out.