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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Strange.. Strange Experiences.

I've been sitting in my cousin's house all alone, surfing and doing nothing, when I heard a knock on the door. I try to ignore it. Then I hear another one.
Outside - an old woman from the apartment on the other side of the stairs, asking if we have electricity. I told her that yes, we have. It seems that one of the circuit breakers was restarted. No problem for me, I thought, my dad is an electrical engineer.
So I got out, played around with the some switches, and wallah! it worked.

So I turned back to my relatives' apartment and to my horror I discovered that the door was locked, I mean, of course it was locked, it can only be opened from the inside. At our house - we have a normal, regular door, so I didn't even think of that when I got out.

There I was, without a phone, key, or even shoes. Standing outside.
Luckily the woman let me call (like she had any choice) my mom, and after a round of calls my cousin called her grandma and she got me back in after 20 minutes with the strange lady.

Well, what do you talk about with an old Russian woman?
Not much - I learned that her 16 year old grandson is going to chef school.
That in Russia she had to call the fire department twice because she had the same type of door.
Talking to strange people about my life is... well, weird at the least. But I guess I'll be fine.

Moral of the story? (by importance.. haha)
Don't help old people.
Doors like that are evil.
Never forget my keys/phone/shoes.

I got Adsense now too. hint hint...