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Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm in the Army Now.. (almost)

Nothing makes you buy lots of useless stuff like a big scary thing called - going to the army.
All of this - only to make me (and my mom) feel good about myself.
Because as far as I understood it, I either get most for free, or I just don't need it.
But whatever makes me, and my mom too (who paid for all this mess) feel better is probably worth the money.

The army can make you buy some strange things.. one of the strangest is this -

What is it? is it a personal vibrator for those cold and lonely nights?

Of course not! It's a toothbrush protector, ready to protect and serve.

And the winner for the useless category is this -

What the fuck, and why? Well. It's a bottle for shampoo, or liquid soap, and it cost us no less then 10 shekels! (about 2.3 dollars) FUCKING USELESS!

There is more of course.. lots of shirts, socks, underwear, a BFG (big fucking bag), locks and much more. But those things are more of less useful.

Going to the army is a big industry in Israel. Like every profitable industry, it has it temptations that you shouldn't give into. Don't be like me. Say no to empty soap bottles!

Well, that's it for a while.
See you later.