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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hot New Project Revealed!

At last..
Just kidding. I'm sure no one even waited.
Here it is, the greatest and latest, The Hebrew Sexypedia!
Visit it!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Some Art Too..

This is from yesterday, but I kinda liked it.
I like it less on the computer.. everything looks worse when you take a picture of it. And don't you dare to click on it, it looks even worse when its big. It's supposed to be small (it's about 6x10 cm)
A kind of value study from another picture from flickr (I'm only starting to realize the true potential for awesomeness it has.)

Maybe I'll draw a full page of that. I like it for some reason. (not only because of the pretty boobs.)

It's from here by the way.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm in the Army Now.. (almost)

Nothing makes you buy lots of useless stuff like a big scary thing called - going to the army.
All of this - only to make me (and my mom) feel good about myself.
Because as far as I understood it, I either get most for free, or I just don't need it.
But whatever makes me, and my mom too (who paid for all this mess) feel better is probably worth the money.

The army can make you buy some strange things.. one of the strangest is this -

What is it? is it a personal vibrator for those cold and lonely nights?

Of course not! It's a toothbrush protector, ready to protect and serve.

And the winner for the useless category is this -

What the fuck, and why? Well. It's a bottle for shampoo, or liquid soap, and it cost us no less then 10 shekels! (about 2.3 dollars) FUCKING USELESS!

There is more of course.. lots of shirts, socks, underwear, a BFG (big fucking bag), locks and much more. But those things are more of less useful.

Going to the army is a big industry in Israel. Like every profitable industry, it has it temptations that you shouldn't give into. Don't be like me. Say no to empty soap bottles!

Well, that's it for a while.
See you later.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I can draw!

Boredom is taking its toll.
With 10 days until military service it'll be a cold day in hell if I go to work (that's how I feel, but I'm planning to go for a day or two sometime next week. So prepare you coats and snow shoes).

Apart from doing some sports, I've been drawing, working on some site (ehm. not to be disclosed yet) and basically doing nothing. Fun Eh?

So, without further interruption here's the first result of my boredom:

Figure Drawing by ~gilburd on deviantART
Inspired by flickr digging (here), I dare to say it's quite good. Especially compared to my usual crapfest.

Well, ENJOY!

Am I Deaf?

I guess not.
After taking this hearing loss test at a friends, I was scared because I couldn't hear tones higher then 16Khz, but at home I can hear till about 19Khz, even 21Khz if I up the volume to full power.
So I guess this is testing your speakers more then your hearing..

Btw - here's that famous teenbuzz sound - Download.

Could be useful. :)

Enjoy, Sasyl.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Have You Ever Seen an Elephant Ass Slide?

Elephant Ass Slide
Originally uploaded by Sasyl.
Well now you have.
This is from Dizingof Center in Tel Aviv. I almost walked past by it, then my mind understood what I was seeing, and I had to take a picture.
Kids come in from the mouth, and slide out of the ass. Strange shit.

EDIT: I found another picture, with kids - here.

Strange.. Strange Experiences.

I've been sitting in my cousin's house all alone, surfing and doing nothing, when I heard a knock on the door. I try to ignore it. Then I hear another one.
Outside - an old woman from the apartment on the other side of the stairs, asking if we have electricity. I told her that yes, we have. It seems that one of the circuit breakers was restarted. No problem for me, I thought, my dad is an electrical engineer.
So I got out, played around with the some switches, and wallah! it worked.

So I turned back to my relatives' apartment and to my horror I discovered that the door was locked, I mean, of course it was locked, it can only be opened from the inside. At our house - we have a normal, regular door, so I didn't even think of that when I got out.

There I was, without a phone, key, or even shoes. Standing outside.
Luckily the woman let me call (like she had any choice) my mom, and after a round of calls my cousin called her grandma and she got me back in after 20 minutes with the strange lady.

Well, what do you talk about with an old Russian woman?
Not much - I learned that her 16 year old grandson is going to chef school.
That in Russia she had to call the fire department twice because she had the same type of door.
Talking to strange people about my life is... well, weird at the least. But I guess I'll be fine.

Moral of the story? (by importance.. haha)
Don't help old people.
Doors like that are evil.
Never forget my keys/phone/shoes.

I got Adsense now too. hint hint...


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Freaky Cats

These are the paintings of Louis Wain.
Personally, they freak me out.

Louis Wain was born in London’s Clerkenwell district in 1860 and eventually became an artist, selling his sketches of dog shows to the Illustrated Sporting News. He married his youngest sister's governess, Emily Richardson, which was considered quite scandalous at the time. His wife contracted breast cancer and died three years later. To entertain her on her sickbed, Wain started drawing their cat, Peter. Emily encouraged him to send these drawings to newspapers and magazines, and soon the Louis Wain cat was a household name, not only in Britain but also in America, where his comics and drawings of cats appeared in several newspapers. Louis Wain was elected as President of the National Cat Club and wrote the book 'In Animal Land with Louis Wain' in 1904. Wain continued drawing cats for newspapers and children’s books until he fell victim to schizophrenia in 1917 at the age of 57. Coupled with WWI and the public dwindling interest it cats, Wain soon fell into poverty and in 1924 was certified “insane” and committed to the pauper’s wing of a mental hospital in Tooting, England. Years later a foundation was set up for him by his peers (including the famous H.G. Wells) which enabled Wain to spend the last years of his life in comfort in private asylums in Southwark and Napsbury, where he continued to paint and draw his cats. Wain allows us a unique insight into the delusions and course of illness in a late onset schizophrenic.

Here are his normal cats -
(they kinda scare me too, but less then the other ones.)

Here's one from the beginning of his schizophrenic stage, looks like some fire god:

This one is a little better, kinda cute even.

Now this one is creepy. Looks like a cat fractal of some kind:

[From here]

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ferrufluids Rock!

This is one of the best combinations of science and art I've ever seen.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

My new year's eve was remarkably unremarkable.
(Even for a country where people don't make much of the "Christian new year", as some call it)
..Anyway - I was trying to get to my cousins home from my girlfriend's home.
And now I'm on the computer talking to my friends. But unlike other years, I feel good about it for some reason. Really good. Maybe this year will be better then the last after all.

[Photo from here]