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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Untold Story of Ahmadinejad's Confrence

Words were spoken, hands were shaken, the Holocaust has been denied, and much much more.
But one story was totally ignored by global media; the gay relationship between Ahmadinejad and an unknown Neturei Karta representative.
This unkissed kiss remained unkissed though. Because someone would have caught it if they hadn't stopped midway, knowing that their love cannot be, that the world isn't ready for a gay Ahmadinejad.

And I got some proof!
The following table shows several kisses -
Some are between leaders, kissing out of respect, and some are between lovers.
Now watch:


Now watch this:

You guessed it, more Arabs.

And now:

As you see, it is obvious.
Now all you must do is spread the word. And Iran will crumble under the weight of evidence.
Good luck.
Have fun.