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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hanukkah at Work

Hanukkah at Work
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First.. Finally I can transfer photos from my phone cam to my computer. Fuck Nokia for not handing out usb cables with the phones and for using a propitiatory cable that costs would have cost me my kidney.
I just hope that the mobile connection fees won't get too big. I'm already using Google's Gmail App.
Ahh.. I feel so.. nerdingly cool. :)

Anyway, these are the donuts for our Hanukkah feast in the factory. Everyone were already drooling from the smell of more then a hundred donuts when the local factory rabbi started talking about the meaning of the holiday. And he also had a rabbi sidekick from Brooklyn!
The sidekick was playing holiday tunes, and in the beginning some people tried to participate, but the hour (it was already after work hours) and the fact that most just didn't give a damn about the holiday made them a really difficult target for our rabbi.
Nothing like seeing a rabbi make a fool of himself - "clap people" - Yeah right. I could see him melt under the burning eyes of more then a hundred tired and angry Russians who just aren't into the holiday spirit. Especially when delivered by our annoying Rabbi.
When he finally finished, the donuts were quickly gone, and so were the workers.

(I know that Hanukkah ended more then a week ago, but having this picture finally gave me inspiration to write a post about it)