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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hanukkah at Work

Hanukkah at Work
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First.. Finally I can transfer photos from my phone cam to my computer. Fuck Nokia for not handing out usb cables with the phones and for using a propitiatory cable that costs would have cost me my kidney.
I just hope that the mobile connection fees won't get too big. I'm already using Google's Gmail App.
Ahh.. I feel so.. nerdingly cool. :)

Anyway, these are the donuts for our Hanukkah feast in the factory. Everyone were already drooling from the smell of more then a hundred donuts when the local factory rabbi started talking about the meaning of the holiday. And he also had a rabbi sidekick from Brooklyn!
The sidekick was playing holiday tunes, and in the beginning some people tried to participate, but the hour (it was already after work hours) and the fact that most just didn't give a damn about the holiday made them a really difficult target for our rabbi.
Nothing like seeing a rabbi make a fool of himself - "clap people" - Yeah right. I could see him melt under the burning eyes of more then a hundred tired and angry Russians who just aren't into the holiday spirit. Especially when delivered by our annoying Rabbi.
When he finally finished, the donuts were quickly gone, and so were the workers.

(I know that Hanukkah ended more then a week ago, but having this picture finally gave me inspiration to write a post about it)

The Joy of Portable Apps!

My mom ordered a U3 1GB USB drive and of course I took over it right away. What at first seemed mostly a floppy/cdrw replacement turned out to be much much cooler.
Yes, I know I stumbled upon this innovation very very late. But it's just too awesome to just let it pass without a word.

The only drawback is that it's using SanDisk's U3 Launchpad to run applications. And as far as I know it's incompatible with portableapps.com programs. I'll probably replace it with portableapp's software, but I'm just not ready to part ways with it yet, who knows what useful feature I could miss.

Such advancements in storage technology show exactly where the future is going - people mostly using USB drives to store personal information and web-browsers and connect to publicly available terminals to browse. That's exactly what I'm doing now.

Fun Fun Fun..

I installed portable app's menu. And it turns out that it has no encryption/password protection. Kinda sucks for a USB drive that could get stolen or lost.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

WoW Addiction Returning..

One of my friends asked me to buy him a month of wow subscription.
(We're the only ones in the area with an international credit card, so they pay me and I order WoW for them.. ) And I just couldn't stop myself from getting a month for me too.
And wow! (no pun intended) I thought I was off the wow, but it turns out that WoW still has a hold on me.
It's not the madness of the first week of WoW (long long sleepless nights.. I played for 50 or 60 hours in one week.. after that I didn't want to play much for a while, which was good thing, because I had plenty of Bagruyot coming.) but it's still somewhat of an addiction.

A semi-small rant -
Seven years ago, a company was created.
A bus compnay.
And this company got so corrupted, evil, and dark.
That the mighty lord himself (I'm talking about the mighty FSM of course.. ) added another commandment - thou shall not travel with KAVIM. (spits, knock wood and throw some salt around after you read this, cause that is the real name of the dark prince.)

What did they actually do?
Plainly sucking is their first sin.
Second, they come late way too much, sometimes very late, and overloaded too.
And the third and the most terrible sin - I was waiting for a bus to Tel-Aviv's central bus station, and it was getting pretty late already. I knew I wouldn't get to the bus to Ofakim on time if I had to wait much longer. Then I saw the light - bus number 36 - going aways just as it came. And I checked - I saw people on the bus, so he wasn't ending his shift or going anywhere but the central station. Luckily, after much stress I got on the last bus to Ofakim on time, but it was a close call.

Off to work.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Damn. Just one step from perfection.

Another upgrade to Picasa Web.
They added useful stuff. But one thing they haven't added -

Their upload utility doesn't work in Firefox.
Since I use Photoshop Elements to organize my photos, I can't upload more then 5 pictures at a time. Unless I use IE or Picasa, which is quite annoying.
Even Yahoo have Firefox support, which is sad because Google are one of the biggest supporters of Firefox.

Kitlers and Puppies

Some time ago I wrote about the Brazilian cat/dog hybrids.. turns out that blood tests denied those claims. Sadly, these are just ordinary puppies.

Speaking of cats, have you heard of the kitler sensation?
Yes! Those are cats that look like Hitler.
Go check it out!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Untold Story of Ahmadinejad's Confrence

Words were spoken, hands were shaken, the Holocaust has been denied, and much much more.
But one story was totally ignored by global media; the gay relationship between Ahmadinejad and an unknown Neturei Karta representative.
This unkissed kiss remained unkissed though. Because someone would have caught it if they hadn't stopped midway, knowing that their love cannot be, that the world isn't ready for a gay Ahmadinejad.

And I got some proof!
The following table shows several kisses -
Some are between leaders, kissing out of respect, and some are between lovers.
Now watch:


Now watch this:

You guessed it, more Arabs.

And now:

As you see, it is obvious.
Now all you must do is spread the word. And Iran will crumble under the weight of evidence.
Good luck.
Have fun.