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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Weekend fun..

Saturday -

I woke up at 10:00 (pretty late for me).. Did nothing during most of the day.
Evening - After some arguments with my parents about who will drive me, both of them decided to take me to Reim (a Kibbutz 20 minutes away from Ofakim)
From there my friends and I drove to the big city - Tel Aviv. To a Orphaned Land's metal concert!
The music was great, and there were many Americans (always fun to see real people from abroad, just to make sure the world is still there) because they were filming Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (1, 2). Most of the time I was staying on the balcony (is it the right word?!) but sometimes we came down into the crowd, maybe it's much more crowded down there but a lot more exciting.
And what's a metal concert without some Fogo? (that's how Mosh Pits are called in Hebrew)
I joined some, it was a hell of a rush like always. With some lessons learned - don't go into mosh pits with your laces untied. That's a big no no. They untied during a good song, so I just to myself - what do I care.. And went on. Ended up under two people and almost lost my shoe. It was awesome.

After the concert we met some old friends (more like acquaintance, just some people I drank with when I was "into drinking". scary times I tell ya.) I decided not to return with my friends, and stayed with my girlfriend and my cousin in Tel Aviv. We went on a long, long walk to the nearest place with public transportation (The public transportation system in Israel sucks. But that's an issue for another post).

Sunday (not really weekend anymore) -
Woke up early. Cousin and girlfriend went to school. I stayed to watch my little cousin for a while and then went to town to meet with a friend.
Turns out she's in the process of suing her past employer for not paying her salary (this is too common in Israel), and I have to go to court with her and wait while she consults with a judge about not being able to find him anywhere (The restaurant where she worked got closed, and his house is vacant too).
Turns out that the justice system isn't as bad as I've thought before. Secretaries and clerks were generally helpful and we got all the documents we needed.
The only thing that bothered me was that the judge asked her if she really wants to proceed with the process because she doesn't have much chance of getting her money (Her employers might be out of the country already).

Well, that's enough for today.