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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Creationism... Time to join the fun!

I know I suck at titles.

I've been thinking about what to write as my first post here in my new blog for quite a while to get the thing started.

First I wanted to write something about the latest Israeli-Iranian (I know it's a war with Lebanon. But we all recognize the war by proxy method from the cold war). But seeing how heavily it was discussed on sites like digg got me sick of the subject, really, everything was already said, and explaining Israel's view for the thousandth time won't do any good.
Today I found a great opportunity to write about something I believe in that isn't directly related to politics (except for in America, where sadly the separation of Church and state doesn't equate to the separation of Church and politics). Anyway, I found this (don't miss the link cause you won't get the point!!) site, that invites people "to engage in intelligent discussion".

I will answer his claims paragraph by paragraph.

In the first paragraphs, you say that the bible is accurate and not self contradicting. This is just plain wrong. For example:

There are no evidence that the Jews were those that built the pyramids, and there are much stronger evidence that they were built by Egyptian farmers during Nile flooding. Quoting
wikipedia - "Recently-discovered worker's tombs have shown how pyramids were made and how important workers were: the pyramid workers were paid craftsmen, not slaves, and they had their own city at Giza. Egyptologists also have presented several pieces of evidence showing this, including proof that many laborers worked on the Pyramids during periods of Nile flooding when farming and harvesting were impossible. Contributing to the Pyramid construction was, religiously, a very good deed for them."

Simply reading through Wikipedia's entry on Bible and History you can see just how much controversy exists over simple facts as the existence and size of the ancient Jewish kingdom. And as Carl Sagan wisely said "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." If supporters are having a struggle proving simple facts like the existence of great ancient kingdoms then I don't see a way in which they can show that the rest of the book is true, or even close to the truth.

About the rest of the bible - I do think that some of it is true. The bible is an important historical tool for understanding ancient culture. It's also an important work of literature. But it should not be taken as a whole, like every other historical book it should be cross referenced with other sources and not taken as is.

About the origin of life - let me disprove a myth for you. Evolution doesn't explain how life appeared (or from your point of view - was created) on this planet. Thus not knowing that has nothing to do with the theory of evolution. Now that we're done with that - lets go back to the origins of life. Have you heard of the Miller Experiment? Basically it shows that under the conditions that occurred in earth several billion years ago, organic molecules are created that can lead to life. Add several hundred million years of running this experiment on a planetary scale and you get the first cells. And where is the the experiment showing any backup for these numbers you cited? If after one week the Miller experiment could produce organic compounds and even amino acids I don't see how your numbers can be even close to accurate. Another interesting read is the law of truly large numbers showing that with a large enough sample size (like all the planets in the universe, through the entire 15 billion year history of the universe) anything that can happen, will happen.

Here's another interesting read about the probability of life - http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/2437/probability.htm

For finish I got some questions for you -
How come most recent observations show that the universe is even older then thought before? (Here, Here and Here) If the truth is that the universe is 6000 years old, how can it be possible that we found evidence showing the opposite?
What about the dinosaurs? This is the biggest flaw in creation theories, the don't explain dinosaurs, transitional fossils, and especially the similar DNA in different life forms that indicates a common origin.

Anyway, I'm just 18 and new to these kinds of debates. Also, English isn't my native language so.. be nice.

EDIT - I just noticed that - "if you want to see why the Miller-Urey experiment doesn't at all support evolution". It doesn't have to support evolution - the Miller experiment is about the origin of life. Not evolution. But if you have any material about it I'll be happy to read it.